The Arizona Scorpions will be participating in the Far West Desert Shootout January 6-8 in Las Vegas. 10 ABA teams will be participating in the tournament which is the biggest tournament in ABA history. There will be a Live DJ, Food, Live Entertainment, Giveaways, & all around family fun!

The Tournament Teams consist of:
Arizona Scorpions
California Golden Tigers
Henderson Hawks
Las Vegas Jokers
Nevada Senators
Oceanside A-Team
Orange County Novastars
San Diego Surf
Tucson Buckets
Yuba City Goldminers

Dula Gym
441 E. Bonanza Rd.
Las Vegas, Nevada 89101

Daily Admission- $10
3-Day Pass- $20
Children ages 10 & under- Free

Game Times:
Friday, January 6:
Game 1- 12:00PM- Henderson Hawks VS Yuba City Goldminers
Game 2- 2:00PM- Las Vegas Jokers VS Oceanside A-Team
Game 3- 4:00PM- Orange County Novastars VS Arizona Scorpions
Game 4- 6:00PM- San Diego Surf VS California Golden Tigers
Game 5- 8:00PM- Tucson Buckets VS Nevada Senators

Saturday, January 7:
Game 1- 11:00AM- San Diego Surf VS Las Vegas Jokers
Game 2- 1:00PM- Orange County Novastars VS Oceanside A-Team
Game 3- 3:00PM- Arizona Scorpions VS Yuba City Goldminers
Game 4- 5:00PM- Nevada Senators VS Henderson Hawks
Game 5- 7:00PM- California Golden Tigers VS Tucson Buckets

Sunday, January 8:
Game 1- 10:00AM- Yuba City Goldminers VS Tucson Buckets
Game 2- 12:00PM- California Golden Tigers VS San Diego Surf
Game 3- 2:00PM- Nevada Senators VS Arizona Scorpions
Game 4- 4:00PM- Orange County Novastars VS Oceanside A-Team
Game 5- 6:00PM- Las Vegas Jokers VS Henderson Hawks